These tiny books represent some of the many I made for a floor installation with ceramic artist Rae Goosen.  The work addressed issues of child abuse in families, communities, war zones and society in general.

wrapped in a roll of verbsA Page from the little rape book2013-01-28-1559_1101 Things you can do with me101 things you can do with me

(click on each image to see an enlargement)

From left to right

  1. a scroll book of verbs (things you can do with me)
  2. A glued spine notebook with abuse stories in children’s own words overlaid with text of ideal fatherhood
  3. Tag book of verbs (things you can do with me)
  4. Tag book of verbs with loose threads (things you can do with me
  5. a simple folio book of “things you can do with me”




© Colleen Ross - Fine Artist - Cape Town - South Africa