“Maybe they’re just birds, honey.”

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“Ten Seconds of Falling” is a concertina book I made for an international project by Cheryl Penn entitled “An Encyclopaedia of Just About Everything”.  My book dealt with the last seconds of the people who fell from the Twin Towers after the terror attack.  Research for the book lead me to interviews, last telephone messages and most shockingly the opinion of some that those who jumped/fell were cowards and had let down their religion or were lacking in courage.

Two of the most poignant quotes I found were:

‘Jumping is something you can choose to do,’ says Jack Gentul, wife of Alayne.   ‘To be out of the smoke and the heat, to be out in the air, it must have felt like flying’.

The notion that she jumped is, indeed, consoling to Mr Gentul in some ways, in that she exercised an element of control over her death.

On the ground a mother whispered to her distraught child a consoling lie:

Maybe they’re just birds, honey.”





© Colleen Ross - Fine Artist - Cape Town - South Africa